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Organic Khandsari Sugar | No Added Preservatives | Pack of 2 Kg

Organic Khandsari Sugar | No Added Preservatives | Pack of 2 Kg

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  • Protect children and your family members from cancer causing pesticides
  • Say goodbye to chemicals in your diet
  • Get the taste of health and nutrition
  • Reduce health risks with Organic purity
  • Protect the earth as organic farming is planet – friendly
  • Prevent water contamination as there are no chemicals pollutants in organic farming
  • Gain from the diversity of crops which is becoming a thing of the past

Ikkhu Ras prepare Khandsari through a completely natural method. It straight away gets started with the extraction of juice from chemical-free – organically grown sugarcane. The juice then passes through a filter where a plant-based cleaning agent ‘suglai’ is added to purify it. (‘Suglai’ is a plant that is crushed to activate its enzymes & then added to the juice) The sugarcane juice is then set to boil in large pans. The impurities appearing on the top of the juice are continuously removed. Usually, sodium hydrosulphide is used to clean it but at Ikkhu Ras we use ‘suglai’.

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