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Desi Gur , Hand made Jaggery Cubes | Pack of 800g

Desi Gur , Hand made Jaggery Cubes | Pack of 800g

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  • Ikkhuras organic Natural Jaggery/Gud/Gur, 800 gms and 400 gms, Rich in calcium and minerals
  • Jaggery is known to have therapeutic and medicinal benefits we are fully aware of the medicinal and culinary importance of jaggery holds in the indian cuisinev
  • Jaggery Cubes fends off constipation by aiding digestion. It activates the digestive enzymes in our body, thus helps in proper digestion of food.
  • We use the most nutritious sugar canes to extract our jaggery cubes and ensure it is brought to you free of all chemicals and rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Healthy sugar substitute, No harmful chemicals/ colors, no sulphur, phosphoric acid, formic acid, preservatives, flocculants,
  • Blood Purifier: One of the most well-known benefits of jaggery is its ability to purify the blood. When consumed on a regular basis and in limited quantities, it cleanses the blood, leaving your body healthy.
  • Detoxes the liver: It acts as a detox, as it helps cleanse the liver by flushing out nasty toxins from the body. Shelf Life : 12 Months

At Ikkhu Ras, Jaggery cubes is prepared through a completely natural method. It straight away gets started with the extraction of juice from chemical-free – organically grown sugarcane. The sugarcanes are pressed through machines in order to extract all the sweet juice or sap from them. The juice then passes through a filter where a plant-based organic clarificant – ‘suglai’ is added to purify it. (‘Suglai’ is a plant that is crushed to activate its enzymes & then added to the juice.) Usually, sodium hydrosulphide is used to clean it but at Ikkhu Ras we use ‘suglai’. The juice is now placed in huge flat-bottomed pans and boiled for hours. With constant stirring, the impurities or residue appearing on the top of the juice is continuously removed. The juice is left to boil until only a yellow, dough-like thick paste remains in the pan. This paste is then transferred in huge molds. It is then left to cool down. The solid jaggery is now mashed & crumbled to give it a powder-like form. The powder is then put into cubical molds to form Jaggery cubes.

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