Our Story

Founded by next gen individuals, Ikkhu Ras is not just a brand. It’s a journey of hard work and dedication to bring about a new revolution in the field of serving pure & natural food to the world. With the humble blessings of Acharya Shri 108 Vidya Sagar Ji Maharaj and under the guidance of Muni Shri 108 Pranamya Sagar Ji Maharaj, we incorporated Ikkhu Ras in 2020 with the aim of emerging as an organic and wellness house. We believe in the principles of Jainism and strongly preach & practice Ahimsa in our production activities. Use of ‘Jiwani’ technique and organic materials make our food items suitable for Jain Vratis. The pure & chemical free nature of our products will help to maintain balance between your spiritual & emotional being, nutrition levels and a healthy lifestyle. Quality consciousness is imbibed and inculcated into our processes. We constantly aim to excel in consistency and innovation and keep adding to your gourmet experience over the time to satisfy your taste buds. With your support and belief, Ikkhu Ras promises to build a strong bond with our customers and serve you in the best possible manner

Our Vision

Ikkhu Ras is a name that stands for purity & quality. We insist on using ingredients that are chemical free by nature to maintain purity & health of body, mind and soul.
Since Ahimsa is a part of our culture from times immemorial. We believe in the virtues of Jainism. At Ikkhuras each product is prepared with well researched and tested old Vedic ahimsak techniques to restore/ protect life of each & every Micro-organism.
Global Health is our vision.Thus we aim to maintain a sustainable standard of our products that could reach masses with the basic motive to improve individual's health.

Ikkhu Ras works on the vision of ‘Pure Food For Everyone’. We strongly believe in the virtues of Jainism and practice Ahinsa in our activities. So we aim to serve pure & healthy products that are completely cruelty free or āhimsak because every life is sacred and needs to be protected. The purity of our products will maintain purity of mind and soul.