"Jeewani"  process to purify seeds

"Jeewani" process to purify seeds

Jivani is process to purify the water which fetched by the well with out killing any micro organism , in which we filter the water by the cloth which is thick in which no sun light can be pass often which we took the filtered water and called all the impurities and microorganism in above and put that water into the well back so that no micro- organism kill through the process all the water in the process of jiwani fetched from the well , so no machine is used to fetch the water, this whole process is for non violent practice mention in Jainism.

How we Do

At IKKHURAS, We use high-quality seeds for oil extraction. The first and the foremost step for the oil extraction process is that our seeds are thoroughly cleaned with the well, JIWANI treated water (Washing mustard seeds by the water extracted from the well and water go through the process of JIWANI) to ensure the extracted oil is pure and of high quality. The seeds are then dried in the sun. This step is essential in removing any water that could deteriorate the process. Finally, well-prepared dried seeds are immediately fed into the oil expeller to extract oil. The extracted oil is again filtered to remove any unseen/ untreated impurities before the oil is bottled and stored. This is to ensure that the product that reaches you is completely pure and healthy.

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